Web Design

We, at Cyber Web Solution, a reputed web design and development company in Kolkata, always keep us up to date on the latest website design techniques. From our inception until now, we have earned a high reputation and are recommended by various organizations. The members of our expert team use various tactics to make these sites avail more response. The most important thing about developing a website is that it should be SEO friendly. To make a website SEO friendly, some important technicalities should be taken care of while developing a website. In present days, people access any website from desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Therefore, a website should be responsive in design so that it can be handled from any device. All the websites designed by Cyber Web Solution are responsive in nature. Every website designed by us has a unique title and description for each page. There is also no keyword stuffing. The URLs of all web pages are descriptive, have all lower case and are separated by dashes. All these characteristics make a website SEO friendly. Another characteristic of an SEO friendly website is that it should have fast loading web pages. Having unique web content is another criterion. If the content of a website is copied from other sites, it cannot be SEO friendly. All these criteria are maintained while any website development is done by Cyber Web Solution. Besides text, the websites developed here in Cyber Web Solution also contain images which make the websites more attractive and the content more interesting. If all the above characteristics are properly maintained in a website, it results in a proper user experience, which is must for an SEO friendly website.

Client Review

“Hello, this is Dr. B.C Shil, Cyber Web Solution has created my website. Using this online platform has proved to be very useful for me. Above all, the after-sales service which I get from them is highly commendable.”

Dr. B.C Shil, Nesha Mukti Kendra

E-commerce Web Development

The primary function of an e-commerce website is to sell any product or service to more and more customers online. A popular E-commerce website development company in Kolkata is Cyber Web Solution. The e-commerce websites developed by us meet all the necessary requirements. They have fetched good business for the respective companies. We develop e-commerce websites through PHP, WordPress, Prestashop etc. Each of these platforms has its own benefits.

Client Review

“Hi this is Payel Samanta, my website has proved to be highly effective in creating my presence in the digital world. Thanks to Cyber Web Solution for giving me continuous guidance.”

Ms. Payel Samanta, Iconique Boutique


If PHP is used in e-commerce website development, it will have powerful features. PHP is an open source framework. You can automate the entire buying and selling process in PHP e-commerce website. It also has the facilities for a number of activities such as calculation and collection of sales taxes, the offering of discounts, calculation of shipping charges and execution of online shopping. Whenever a customer raises a query, you can use unlimited auto-responders in a PHP e-commerce website. There is the option of running multiple mailing lists and you can also use third-party auto-responder services. Unlimited ad trackers can be used to measure the online marketing campaign’s success. There are facilities for acceptance of all types of credit card transactions.

Client Review

“We are now in the top in Google ranking. Thanks to Cyber Web Solution for their valued suggestions. They really care for their client.”

Mr. Sk Naim, Raaz Interior


WordPress is a fully functional content management system. Any type of website including e-commerce website can be powered by it. If an e-commerce website is built using WordPress, there are a number of benefits. The full control of your website will be in your hands. The WordPress plugin used on e-commerce websites is known as WooCommerce. A major benefit of WooCommerce is that it is free. Nowadays, millions of websites are supported by WordPress. So, anyone who has handled WordPress websites can easily handle WooCommerce. Your online store can be easily built and managed in a WordPress e-commerce website. Various free and premium payment gateways can be integrated into a WordPress e-commerce website. There is a robust tax management system in a WordPress e-commerce website. A WordPress e-commerce website that is built by the WooCommerce plugin makes it secured.

Why SEO Friendly Website is Important?

If your website is SEO friendly, it has a number of benefits. There will be more organic traffic i.e. traffic from search engine to your website. Your website will be easier to use if principles of SEO are applied to it and as a result, the user experience gets enhanced. It is good for both brand awareness and brand credibility if your website comes on the first page of major search engines. You can understand what your customers want by analyzing the behaviour of the users driven by SEO.